Saturday, March 9, 2013

My impression of EDC MOOC

Now that we are done with the E-learning and digital cultures course, here's a brief writeup on what I felt about it. 

- Overall impression: one of amazement at a course that works, despite there being 42,000 students! 
- Learning from students: In fact, a lot of learning happens from student interactions during, and even after the course ends.
- Overwhelming: I was quite overwhelmed at first, this being my first MOOC, but settled down after 2 days.
- Food for thought: Not only did I get plenty of food for thought regarding digital cultures, but learnt about various online platforms that one can use in education and presentations.
- Practical: I am positive I will use the skills I learnt in this course somewhere.

- People who are not very savvy with digital media are likely to be put off, so something should be done to address this. 
- An introductory meeting with the instructors before the course begins, could help.

All in all, great fun. Miss it, now that its over. Still, there are plenty of artefacts to look at, the FB group is still active, and one can still go to 'class', read stuff that one missed out earlier, and participate in discussions there. Am definitely coming back to Coursera for more!

My thanks to the Instructors -- Jeremy Knox, Sian Bayne, Hamish Macleod, Jen Ross and Christine Sinclair, to the University of Edinburg, and to Coursera.  

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